2011?Winners and Finalists



The SpacecoasT Authors of Romance (Florida STARS) are pleased to announce this year’s winners. Congratulations on your achievement. And thank you to all of the applicants!


Switch, by Candi Wall as K. R. Lawson

Single Title

FIRST PLACE:?Pride, Prejudice and Second Chances -? Virginia Munoz
SECOND PLACE:?Trust Me ?- Kimberle Swaak
THIRD PLACE:?Shades of Denial -? Jennifer Gracen
A Year To Remember -? Shelly Bell
Love Shack ?- Elaine Meece

General Paranormal

FIRST PLACE: Dancing with the Devil -? Jean Newlin
SECOND PLACE:?Soul Bound -? Anne Hope*** This book has been published. Released on June 5, 2012 CONGRATULATIONS ANNE!!
THIRD PLACE:?Take Me Tonight -? Robin Bielman

Demon Venture ?- Celeste Nist
Precious Jewels -? Mary A. Behre

Futuristic / Fantasy

FIRST PLACE: Bloodstone -? Helen C. Johannes***
SECOND PLACE:?The Dragon?s Bidding -? Christina Westcott***
THIRD PLACE;?Haven -? Anne Francis This book has been sold and will be released by Champagne Books in July 2013 under Anne’s pen name, Celia Breslin.


Project Pyramid -? Laurie A. Green

The Star Stone -? Sabrina Jarema


FIRST PLACE: Behind the Courtesan -? Bronwyn Stuart

SECOND PLACE:?Lady Catherine?s Secret -? Sheidan J. Edmonson

THIRD PLACE:?King of Swords -? Anne Kenny


In the Arms of an Earl -? Anna Small

The Lion Rampant -? Carolyn Heinemann

Series Contemporary

FIRST PLACE:?Healing Hearts- ? Pat Dengate This book has been published as Rehab for the Heart under Pat Dengate’s pen name, Karen Ann Dell

SECOND PLACE:?A Future for Abby -? Rebecca Sampson***

THIRD PLACE:?Hard Copy -? Anita Calhoun as Amity Grays


Cruising for Love -? Masha Levinson
Lover?s Leap -? Kimberly Hayes

Romantic Suspense

FIRST PLACE:?Sterile Field -? Margaret Berkhousen

SECOND PLACE:?Sniper Shots ?- Kathy Lane

THIRD PLACE:?An Eye for Danger- ? Christine M. Fairchild

Peril in Paradise -? Kamila Kay
Protecting Rose -? Cheryl Yeko


FIRST PLACE:?The Madonna of Pisano -? Mary Ann Diorio
SECOND PLACE:?Love in Bitterroot Valley ?- Jessica Keller Koschnitzky
THIRD PLACE:?Of Courage Beyond- ? J’?Nell Ciesielski


God Whisperer -? Kim Hernandez
When Sparrows Fly -? Heidi Luchterhand

Young Adult

FIRST PLACE:?Switch ?- Candi Wall as K. R. Lawson
SECOND PLACE:?Veiled Iron ?- Michelle Sinclair
THIRD PLACE:?The Picture of Dulce Gardia -? Alana Albertson


Lifer -? Rebecca Sampson
The Fourth ?- Jennifer McAndrews

*** Indicates a request for full manuscript

Single Title
Emilia Pisani – Simon & Schuster
Sara Megabow – The Nelson Literary Agency
General Paranormal
Meredith Giordan -Berkley / Jove
Marlene Stringer – The Stringer Agency

Futuristic / Fantasy
Leah Hultenschmidt – SourceBooks
Ethan Ellenberg – Ethan Ellenberg Agency

Amanda Bergeron – Harper Collins
Laura Bradford – The Bradford Agency

Series Contemporary
Susan Litman – Harlequin Special Edition
Roberta Brown – The Brown Agency

Romantic Suspense
Holly Blanck – St. Martin’s Press
Chelsea Gilmore – Maria Carvainis Agency

>Natalie Hanemann – Thomas Nelson
Suzie Townsend – Fine Print Literary Management

Young Adult
Kristin Daly Rens – Harper Collins
Becca Stumpf – The Prospect Agency