2021 Star workshop with Anna Alexander

Two workshops with Anna Alexander

Jan. 23, 2021
12-4 p.m.
Special online meeting via Zoom

PRESENTER: Anna Alexander

The Business of Writing

Writing is art. Publishing is business. Whether you seek traditional publication or are looking to start your own brand, you will be a business owner. Fortunately, you do not need a college degree in business to become a published author, but sometimes it feels like you do. So where does one begin? What does it mean that writing is a business? Join author Anna Alexander as she shares tips, tricks, and spotlight pitfalls all authors face as business owners.

Behind Closed Doors

Does the idea of writing a sex scene make you hot and bothered for all of the wrong reasons? Do you struggle for a new way to describe a first kiss or wait until you absolutely HAVE to write that love scene? Behind Closed Doors will help you get over the hurdle of writing your characters most intimate moments. Learn the difference between sexual tension and a sex scene as well as how to write within your comfort zone to make the scene an integral part of your characters’ emotional journey.


About Anna Alexander

Anna Alexander

Anna Alexander is the award-winning author of the Heroes of Saturn and the Sprawling A Ranch series. With Hugh Jackman’s abs and Christopher Reeve’s blue eyes as inspiration, she loves spinning tales of superheroes finding love. Anna also loves to give back and has served on the board for the Greater Seattle Romance Writers of America as chapter president and on the committee for the Emerald City Writers Conference.

Learn more at her website.


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