How to Create Professional-Looking Images to Market Your Book and More – with Book Brush

Date: Saturday, May 22
Time: Noon to 3:00 

Speaker: Kathleen Sweeney of Book Brush


Join Kathleen Sweeney from Book Brush for a fun live walk-through of the Book Brush tools. Get ready to embrace the marketing side of writing and see why authors say Book Brush saves them both time and money. Register to learn how easy it is to use Book Brush to create your own eye-catching marketing images for all things social media. Plus, explore video effects, create Box Set images, design your own book covers, and more! Kathleen will share handy tips and tricks along the way and have time for a Q&A, too.

About Book Brush

Book Brush is an amazing image creation software platform built just for authors to help them easily create professional looking ads and images for social media. Book Brush offers tools every author needs in his or her marketing toolbox to make it easy to embrace the marketing side of writing