Carmen Cook on author branding: 2020 STAR workshop

Building A Recognizable Brand

August 22, 2020


12:30 p.m. Online meet & greet

1 p.m. Presentation begins

Access information will be conveyed to members via loop/Facebook group prior to the meeting



“Brand” has become a buzz word. Even before you publish your book you’re told to “Know Your Brand” and “Be True to Your Brand”—but what does that mean? The answer is as simple and complex as one word: You.

You are your brand. Your name. It’s what lets people know what to expect when they pick up one of your books.

In this workshop we’ll breakdown:

  • The difference between a logo and a brand
  • How to infuse your personality into your brand
  • What sets you apart from all the other authors who write in the same genre/similar tropes
  • This does not mean you can only write one genre/trope. Start small and expand.

Ultimately, being able to figure out your brand and, more importantly, being able to articulate your brand (which will help you articulate who your audience is) will help you and your readers spread the word about your books.


About Carmen Cook

Carmen Cook

Carmen Cook joined RWA and started volunteering on the Emerald City Writers Conference committees before she had any idea what she’d gotten herself into. She’d written about two chapters of her very first book the first time someone asked her if she was going to pitch to an editor or agent. Tossed into the deep end of romance publishing while surrounded by career-minded authors, she quickly learned she needed to adjust her way of thinking and create a business plan. Luckily, she’d developed friendships with some amazing authors and they were happy to answer her myriad questions and navigate this business while they, themselves were achieving success in the (then) new world of independent publishing. Carmen had a front row seat to seeing some of these authors achieve huge success (hitting NYT best seller lists, big contracts, hybrid maneuvering) and paid close attention to what extra things they were doing on the business side of things—all the while diligently writing her first (and second and third) books.

Through various writing organizations she’s served as the conference chair of the Emerald City Writers’ Conference, in multiple board positions in the Greater Seattle chapter of RWA, as well as serving on various advisory committees, all of which have allowed her to hone her passion for connecting with writers at all skill levels. In her day job, she manages a multimillion-dollar private healthcare clinic, which has allowed her to develop skills in website design, social media marketing, and project management (among other things). She’s utilized her professional skills to develop workshops on branding, body language and how to think of your writing as a business from the very start of your career.