Writing for Success


Enjoy two tracks of workshops on Saturday and a Super Workshop on Sunday. See the overall schedule here.


Bleeding on the Page: Writing Emotion

Whether you write suspense, mystery, memoirs or romance, one of the most important tools in a Writer’s toolbox is the ability express true emotion on the page. In this session, you’ll learn the tools you’ll need to achieve and refine this skill. (Laura Drake)

Chopped! Slim Down Your Manuscript Without Losing the Weight of Your Story

Inevitably you’ll open an e-mail from your editor that reads “I love what you’ve done, but we need to cut 10,000 words.” Your jaw drops, your brain rattles and your forehead suddenly bangs against your desk. What do you do? Put your writing style on a diet. (Hanna Rhys Barnes)

Contracts, Copyrights, and Co-Authors: A Crash Course in Literary Law

The key to success as an author is not just a well-written story, but in understanding your rights and knowing how to navigate the labyrinth of literary law. This workshop will provide you with a basic understanding of copyrights and publishing contracts as well as teach you to identify and avoid potential pitfalls and problems in your career. (Davey Jay, Esq.)

Cracking the Self-Publishing Code

An in-depth and detailed approach to self-publishing a successful series for authors at any level in their career. (Kristen Painter and Roxanne St. Claire)

From Lemons to Lemonade: Making the Switch to Indie Publishing

Has your publisher ever pushed your release date back by a year? Has your editor ever insisted on changes that don’t improve your story? If traditional publishing has left a sour taste in your mouth, learn how to seize control of your career by making the switch to indie publishing. (Leigh Duncan)

Hooks and How to Use Them: A Pantser’s View on Plotting

A writer must grab the reader’s attention and keep it moving from the first sentence to the last one, through paragraphs, pages and chapters. (If that reader is an editor, hooking them from beginning to end is critical.)

Terri will review various hooks and plot points and methods of plotting, their importance and how to use them to strengthen the pacing and structure throughout your book to the last word. For beginning and experienced writers. (Terri Brisbin)

Three Stages of Marketing: Pre-Release, Release, Post-Release

This two-hour presentation includes a marketing primer for authors, followed by tips and strategies targeted to specific outcomes based on the three phases of book marketing: pre-release, release, and post-release. (Maria Connor, My Author Concierge)

Visual Marketing for Your Books

Learn how to master visuals for book marketing, incorporating a professional, unified and unique brand from covers to promotional graphics to book trailers. Get tips on designing ads, social media content, videos and more to help you find and engage with readers. (Chris Kridler)

World Building in a Binder

This workshop caters to the plotters and pantsers who prefer paper over Pinterest. Learn how to organize your research and world elements into a single binder. Suggested categories and a list of vital topics and tabs to include will be provided. (Kerry Evelyn)

Writing Collaborations

Learn how Melinda Leigh and Kendra Elliot prepare, plan, and plot two best-selling, long-running collaborative series of novellas. (Melinda Leigh and Kendra Elliot)


SUNDAY SUPER WORKSHOP with Jennifer Probst

Write True: A Deep Dive Into a Romance Writer’s Craft, Career, and Staying True to Oneself

Do you dream of being a successful career author?  New York Times bestselling author Jennifer Probst teaches a surprising key to success in the romance industry: truth.

Join Jennifer as she discusses handling fear, developing your craft, the importance of pivot in an ever-changing industry, and discovering your truth as a storyteller. Topics will include the important elements of marketing/branding, top tips to grow your audience, and the critical elements of how to create a gripping story.