G.W. Pomichter

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G.W. Pomichter was born Garrett W. Pomichter-Murray in upstate NY in 1970. G.W. Pomichter is a graduate of Florida Air Academy and Eastern Florida State College.

The U.S. Army Infantry veteran began writing at an early age and published poems in anthologies in his early 20s.? His poem, ?Coming of Age,? was featured in the anthology, ?An Eternity of Beauty.?

Following a college internship with The Florida Today newspaper, G.W. Pomichter joined the writing staff at The Hometown News, read along Florida?s Central East coast, where he penned more than 400 byline stories.

In his early 40s, G.W. Pomichter began his career as a full-time author.? His first published work, a handbook on political campaigning, was a long-time labor of love.? Having spent much of his early years politically active, the writer chose to author a collections of common tactical and strategic elements to successful political campaigns, and released ?Mapping the Road Less Traveled,? as his inaugural work.

Although his background was firmly entrenched in the familiar non-fiction, and technical news reporting style, G.W. Pomichter chose to flex his writing muscles to enter the fiction writing universe with another long-time project that was near to his heart.? ?Lucky,? a short homage to the classic Detective Noir novels of the 1930s and 1940s, was a project that was born out of his love of the genre and a lamenting of a lack of modest ?escapist? stories that simply entertain audiences.? He followed his success with Lucky with a sequel, ?Lot 28: A Lucky Marks Mystery? and is currently working on several projects.

At present G.W. Pomichter is working to further develop his web-series, ?Hangin With Authors,? and writing on 3 projects.? The first is a short story anthology to compliment the ?Lucky Marks Mysteries? called ?Case Files,? the second is a paranormal ?monster-mashup? series that reinvents the classic monster mythos using historical and theological lore, and the third, which is near complete is a political thriller titled ?Yesterday?s Tomorrow,? in which an Electro Magnetic Pulse cripples the power along the U.S. Eastern Sea board.

Pomichter credits his success to some advice he was given as a younger man:? ?Find something you love to do.? Find something you would and will do for free.? Then, find someone to pay you for it,?? He said he was told.? He has never looked back.

?Words do have power.? They can change the shape of the world in which we live.? But another power that words have is to transport us briefly to a place where, for just a few hours, we can escape our busy lives and enjoy an adventurous journey through the imagination.? That is what we call a straight read.? It?s a place to set aside the complications of real life.? It?s a place where the good guys might still wear white hats and the bad guys, black hats, and where for one fleeting moment all is right, and you return home to pick up the daunting tasks of daily life rested and with a little more enthusiasm.?

G.W. Pomichter