Sandy Moffett Parks

Sandy MoffettSandy Moffett Parks love of geology, science, the outdoors, and adventure drew her into an eclectic list of jobs ranging from a government computer project to designing hydraulic structures. She found her creative side while attempting to keep university students interested in her classes.

From teenage days when she took creative writing and wrote high school sports news for the county paper, she knew a book lay in her future.

Sandy lives a romantic life in Florida with her test pilot husband, Scott (yes, discussion of material stress/strain and aerodynamics can be sexy), a keyboard lounging cat, and two active teenagers. Attempting to keep up with her boys, she has learned to fly, dive and has been surviving bodily torture in karate for the last six years.

Writing is a family affair for the Moffetts. Sandy and her sister Julie have been critique partners for years and they finally decided to write a series together. Brother, Brad, heard about it and challenged them to do one in Salem, Massachusetts. Sandy and Julie decided to add a touch of paranormal and the MacInness Legacy was born.